Medicine Cat herb list

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Medicine Cat herb list

Post  Greenstar on Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:19 am

Here's a list containing herbs of the forest.

Deathberries: Very poisonous red berries, can easily kill a cat.

Yarrow: Foul-tasting white plant, used to make a cat vomit.

Thyme: Greenish plant, used to help a cat in shock.

Poppy seeds: A black or yellow seed that numbs pain and helps a cat to sleep.

Cobwebs: Plastered on wounds to stop bleeding.

Feverfew: A white flower, sort of looks like a daisy, used to cool feverish cats of treat head pain.

Borage leaves: The leaves are found on a purple flower and are used to cool feverish cats and help queens with their milk supply.

Marigold: Yellow flowers used to treat infections, wounds, and sores.

Horsetail: Tall green plants used to treat infected wounds.

Burdock root: A green or white plant, the roots are used to trear infections, especially rat bites.

Chervil: A plant that looks like clovers, the root is used to treat infections, the rest used to treat bellyache.

Wild garlic: A white-topped plant that, if rolled in, can keep out infection and mask scent.

Coltsfoot: A yellow flower that is used to trea kittencough.

Catmint (catnip): A tall purple flower used to treat whitecough and greencough.

Chickweed: A greenish-white flower used to help treat greencough.

Tansy: A yellow or purple flower that treats coughs.

Chamomile: A white flower that smells sweet, it helps calm a cat.

Dandelion: The leaves of this yellow or white plant are used to calm a cat.

Juniper: The blue/red berries are used to treat bellyache.

Watermint: A purple flower that helps treat bellyache.

Daisy leaves: The flower is pink or white, the leaves treat aching joints.

Goldenrod: The tall yellow plant is used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness, and it can also be used for sever injuries.

Ragwort leaves: A completely yellow plant, the leaves are used in a poultice with juniper berries to treat aching joints.

Comfrey: A purple or pink plant used to help broken bones.

Nettle: A white and green plant, the seeds are used to counter poison and the leaves are used to treat swelling.

Celandine: A completely yellow flower used to treat ailments of the eyes.

Snakeroot: A white and green plant used to counter poison.

Honey: A sticky yellow substance used to soothe sore throats.

Mouse bile: Made from mice; (say !bile while holding a mouse), applied on ticks for removal.

Did I miss or forget one? Message me or add a post to tell me. (NEW: PICTURES COMING SOON.)

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